A research and consulting business with a unique level of expertise in Artificial Intelligence and developing scalable solutions to big problems in a wide range of industries.

Our team have over 70 patents for their “inventions” and more in the pipeline.We have a proven track record of commercialisation of our creations.


Mashtraxx Limited

MXX is a specialist Artificial Intelligence technology company focusing on music and media and has invented as well as patented a suite of Artificially Intelligent technologies which include transformative solutions within the editing, search and discovery, and content recognition space. These AI solutions come in a variety of forms, from online services to mobile and desktop apps, as well as SDKs and APIs.

The MXX technology is the only artificially intelligent music editor that can work on the stereo file alone, without the need for stems, and can adapt the narrative to fit a brief just like a music editor would.

With the MXX products, music can be adapted to perfectly wrap around certain experiences such as UGC of different lengths and forms; users workouts and runs; computer game dynamic narratives; and object-based media viewing of dynamic lengths. This presents a new future for music in itself, as music is one of the few remaining static artefacts in a world where all media needs to be more dynamic and flexible.


fansChat International Holdings Limited

FansChat international holdings limited, a vehicle for the new dawn in sports, music and entertainment fan engagement ai tech for web 3.0 in the most exciting emerging markets on earth providing next gen technology for big brand, fan and talent communication for decades to come…


Tintra 3.0

Tintra 3.0 is a UK company that is building the tech platform for what might be the world’s first bank purposely built forWeb3 and the metaverse.  Our goal is to refine our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to be free of bias and be more effective in knowyour-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) thereby stimulating trade and development for businesses in emerging markets.



With the digital media industry experiencing momentous change, it is clear innovative new solutions are needed to help support publishers looking to grow and evolve in a digital-first world.

Fortunately, AI technology has opened up all-new opportunities within the industry, with over two-thirds of publishers viewing it as the biggest enabler for change over the next five years. 

We are eager to be part of this cutting-edge movement driving the industry forwards, delegating routine tasks and tedious work to machines in order to release time-pressed content-makers from mundane jobs.

With pre-seed support from the Google News Initiative and Innovate UK, we set out to make life easier for content makers, developing intelligent media-finder tools to enable customers to accurately search, match and retrieve media content within milliseconds. 

Our first AI-powered product is designed to alleviate journalists from the difficult and frustrating task of accessing their editorial archives on a daily basis. Publishers desperately need access to technology that can speed up the content discovery and optimization process, boost SEO and drive new readership.

With further media search and content recommendation products in development, LOYAL’s mission isto unlock the value of global media archives for the world’s content makers’.



Sigma aims to democratise trading – giving intermediate and expert traders a set of tools that allows them to compete with institutions, whilst also giving institutions access to their intelligence base and the ability to reduce customer churn.

 Sigma is a platform for investors to intuitively research equity technical data, analyse momentum & patterns, increase market knowledge, test trading strategies and educate.  Sigma services the user base that exists in the gap between Robinhood, etorro and Bloomberg.


ami Creates

ami Creates is a photographic and video, digital curation and archiving service – bringing order to the memories of a lifetime.

ami has developed a unique, searchable, image archive iOS App. Enabling each of their clients to access their fully curated archive of photos, at the touch of a button.

Clients come to ami Creates feeling they don’t do enough with their photos. Over our life we build up thousands of physical photos, sitting in boxes and more recently, stored in a huge timeline scroll on our phones. Finding a particular image within these collections can be challenging.

ami Creates provide a trusted curation service. Each photo is digitised, retouched and restored (where necessary) bringing images back to life. The photos are then keyworded, making the images searchable in the unique ami App. By adding a couple of words into the search function of the ami App – for example, ‘Grandpa’, ‘Rome’, ‘uniform’ – a client can locate a single image from thousands. Not only does ami manage historical content, but we curate new content on a daily basis, as and when the client takes photos.

Our London based team consist of curators, image and video specialists, leading professional photographers, illustrators, and designers. ami Creates has the expertise to fulfil any bespoke creative project for their clients based all over the globe.

ami Creates pride themselves on the highest standard of trust, confidentiality, data security and their unwavering attention to detail and desire to produce stunning results for every project.

ami Creates has partnered with TMC2 to explore the exciting opportunity of merging ami’s knowledge and expertise of image curation with TMC2’s AI team. This is a unique project bringing the best of both worlds together to create scalable image curation and accessibility to the many memories we create during our lives




DAACI empowers composers to produce authentic, high-quality original music through its pioneering meta-composition interface.Where other

AI systems are black boxes which try to solve the intellectual problem of creating music, DAACI succeeds due to the one vital ingredient – the composer. The orchestra of minds behind DAACI are not men in white coats but composers and musicians that understand the very essence of what makes music, making. DAACI is a tool built by composers, for composers.

DAACI’s generative AI captures the composer’s intent using a dynamic system that works in real time, allowing them to fulfil the rapidly growing demands of the music industry as it expands into the future of media, gaming and virtual experiences.



Tintra, a fintech focused on artificial intelligence that optimises payment
processes and compliance especially between emerging and developed
markets. Using patented end-to-end AI technology that mitigates human
intervention in KYC/AML Tintra plc also includes Prize Provision Services and St Daniel House.