Media Search & Content Recommendation

With the digital media industry experiencing momentous change, it is clear innovative new solutions are needed to help support publishers looking to grow and evolve in a digital-first world.

Fortunately, AI technology has opened up all-new opportunities within the industry, with over two-thirds of publishers viewing it as the biggest enabler for change over the next five years. 

We are eager to be part of this cutting-edge movement driving the industry forwards, delegating routine tasks and tedious work to machines in order to release time-pressed content-makers from mundane jobs.

With pre-seed support from the Google News Initiative and Innovate UK, we set out to make life easier for content makers, developing intelligent media-finder tools to enable customers to accurately search, match and retrieve media content within milliseconds. 

Our first AI-powered product is designed to alleviate journalists from the difficult and frustrating task of accessing their editorial archives on a daily basis. Publishers desperately need access to technology that can speed up the content discovery and optimization process, boost SEO and drive new readership.

With further media search and content recommendation products in development, LOYAL’s mission isto unlock the value of global media archives for the world’s content makers’.

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