Mashtraxx Limited

MXX is a specialist Artificial Intelligence technology company focusing on music and media and has invented as well as patented a suite of Artificially Intelligent technologies which include transformative solutions within the editing, search and discovery, and content recognition space. These AI solutions come in a variety of forms, from online services to mobile and desktop apps, as well as SDKs and APIs.

The MXX technology is the only artificially intelligent music editor that can work on the stereo file alone, without the need for stems, and can adapt the narrative to fit a brief just like a music editor would.

With the MXX products, music can be adapted to perfectly wrap around certain experiences such as UGC of different lengths and forms; users workouts and runs; computer game dynamic narratives; and object-based media viewing of dynamic lengths. This presents a new future for music in itself, as music is one of the few remaining static artefacts in a world where all media needs to be more dynamic and flexible.

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