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What is TMC²?

AI in fintech, music, media, and emotional perception

TMC² was launched as the successor to its highly successful predecessor, Time Machine Capital “TMC”.

TMC was formed in 2015 as an investment ‘club’ for its founders’ close friends and associates and over the past several years has returned between 400-700% to its investors.


TMC² is an award-winning research and investment firm. Our core area of expertise is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and our team has already secured more than fifty patents for applications in fintech, music, media, and emotional perception.

TMC² is a company created to evolve and commercialise a portfolio of technology ventures. We originate, grow and attract investable opportunities in technology, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence “AI”. With our own AI lab at our core, we are able to conceive and evolve very early-stage AI concepts with a view to adapting them to real-world challenges. These concepts are then grown organically in house where they are commercialised and become TMC² companies.

In exchange for an equity stake, We also partner with external companies who need our AI expertise to unlock the dormant potential within their organisation. Our portfolio is diversified across a number of vertical markets and contains both organically nurtured and external companies. We aim to provide our shareholders with a diverse range of AI focused technology investment opportunities, structured tax efficiently.

TMC² helped us to bring Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning beyond what is expected in the media sector.

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DAACI invents game-changing automated audio score generator DAACI is pioneering the AI music space, having developed, and filed for patent in June 2022 ahead of firms like Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, which have made similar filings amid accelerating interest in the field of automated music generation.

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